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What to look for when choosing a loan?

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Unexpected expenses lead many people to take a bank loan. Regardless of its type, there are some elements that you should pay attention to before you decide to apply for a loan at the bank. Check what to consider when choosing a bank loan.


When choosing a loan for yourself

When choosing a loan for yourself

Start looking for it by choosing a bank. Their offers can differ significantly. However, in order to be able to choose the bank with the best offer on the market, it is worth knowing which elements to look for. Therefore, all persons who have a loan in their plans should pay attention to:

  • loan interest rate;
  • the amount of commission charged by the bank for granting it;
  • loan collateral required by the bank.

These are the most important elements. But there are also others that you might want to be interested in when comparing the offers of individual banks. These elements include:

  • how much we will pay for any extension of the loan;
  • how much will we pay for his insurance;
  • whether there is a charge for early repayment of the loan. If the bank charges such a fee, let’s ask what its amount is;
  • what costs we will incur for converting the loan – this is a point that should be checked by people who take out a mortgage in a foreign currency.


How much will the loan cost us?

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The cost of the loan will be affected primarily by interest. The interest rate on the loan may not exceed four times the lombard rate set by the Surelend Bank. As of today, the Lombard rate is 2.50%. But the whole cost of credit also includes other elements. They are also:

  • commission charged by the bank – its maximum amount is not set by any regulations; the bank can set it in any amount, however, usually it does not exceed 5%. Loans advertised as a 0% loan will not always be free due to the amount of commission;
  • costs related to credit insurance.

Each bank is required to inform borrowers of the total cost of the loan granted and the amount of the current annual interest rate. APRC consists of loan interest rate and additional fees charged by the bank. By looking for the right bank offer for you, you can check your credit rankings before making your final decision. It will help you find the right product for you, you will find information such as the interest rate or the total cost of the loan. These types of rankings are available online. It’s also worth seeing how to find the best cash loan and get it online.

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