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Recommend a loan like a colleague

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When we meet with family or friends, we talk about various matters: children, decorating the house, recent purchases. Our opinions and experiences may encourage you to buy a given product or service or advise against it. Consciously or not, that’s how we recommend it! These conversations are often the surest source of opinions, all because of their truth and first-hand availability. You can rely on trusted advisors, because it is natural that they also want the best for us. With this in mind, a colleague-colleague referral program was created at Agree Bank, which allows you to share good experiences about taking and using loans, and also allows you to receive up to $ 700 for successful cash loan orders.


Useful product = good reputation on a large scale


Banks provide us with information about their products and services in various types of advertising, on websites, or through advisors and consultants in banking branches or on the hotline. It is worth looking for information on cash loan offers in various places. However, remember to ask family and friends about experience with this product. They will be a first-hand source of information, especially if they can comment on their own experiences. An opinion like “I recommend this cash loan, I took advantage of it a few months ago and I’m really very happy” will definitely have a positive impact on our decision, much more than a cold analysis of a financial adviser.


Like a colleague 

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It is natural that we may have concerns about consulting cash loans among friends. Let’s think, however, that loved ones want the best for us. We advise them on other life matters, so the topic of loans will be similar. Information from them can help us make the right decision and find the best loan for our needs – with simple and transparent conditions, with information whether and what documents are needed to apply for a loan, or information how long it takes to receive money from the loan.

If you have positive experience in using cash loans and someone asked you for an opinion, then recommending the product, try to provide as much detail as possible – tell us where you went or called to take a cash loan, who you talked to, what you had to do to complete formalities, how much time you have waited and the most important – how did it affect your finances? Maybe you met your need by taking advantage of the shopping opportunity, and you have already paid back the borrowed money without any problems. The person you recommend the service should know as much detail as possible about the whole process.


Command program – benefits for both parties

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Agree Bank customers can also recommend cash loans thanks to the Colleague-Mate Program. This program has been operating for several years and is very popular.

This year, the 6th edition of the Colleague-Colleague Program was launched, in which customers with a cash loan agreement at Agree Bank can participate. Thanks to it, they can receive coupons for commands, and for successful commands of service to friends and relatives receive cash bonuses, which with four commands gives a total amount of $700. The benefit of the program is reciprocal, because the coupon recipient can take advantage of a cash loan on attractive terms.

What’s more, the uniqueness of the Colleague-colleague program at Agree Bank lies in the fact that it only applies to cash loans and there are no conditions related to eg customer activity on the personal account to receive a bonus for the referrer and a better proposal for the recommended.