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Do you take a loan? Think about insurance!

loan insurance

By entering into a cash, car or installment loan agreement, as well as when using a credit card, you can take advantage of insurance that guarantees security and the option of paying installments in the event of adverse fortuitous events. In addition, you can adapt the insurance to your needs – various variants are available.


Life and property insurance


At any time in our lives, there may be situations that we have not been prepared for before. Sudden dismissal due to company restructuring, unexpected hospitalization due to illness or an accident on the way to work. In such cases, it is worth taking advantage of insurance, which can be purchased when concluding a cash loan, installment loan or credit card. Depending on the insurance selected and its option, the following events may be covered:

  • job loss
  • hospitalization due to illness or accident,
  • temporary inability to work,
  • surgery as a result of an accident or surgery as a result of an accident.

The insurer in this case is Fine Insurance Life DAC and / or Fine Insurance Europe DAC. For more information on life insurance and / or property interests, please visit the Fine Consumer Bank website.


Assistance Insurance “Assistance on Call”

loan insurance

Fine Consumer Bank customers can also take advantage of Assistance Insurance “Assistance on Call”. It is insurance for loans – cash and installments – and credit cards, which provides assistance in various situations. Depending on the chosen option, you can count on many benefits.

If an incident occurs at your place of residence, you can get help at home, which includes the intervention of a specialist (eg locksmith or plumber), organization and coverage of the costs of repairing equipment (electronics, household appliances, PC, tablet) , transport and supervision of property and crew services a cleaning.

In the case of sudden illness and accident, insurance provides, among other doctor visits, medical transport, nurse care or organization of the rehabilitation process, and also enables independent performance and sending of ECGs at a distance, as well as consultation with a cardiologist as part of cardiological telecare. For hospitalization for at least 14 days, an amount is also paid in the amount of monthly bills for specific services and utilities (eg rent, electricity and gas).

In addition, you can receive legal assistance at any time – in civil law, labor law and debt collection.

To make a claim under the Assistance Insurance “Assistance on Call” offered by Poweryes Finance Branch in Poland with headquarters in Warsaw.