The objective of a weight loss and diet program is for you to create a dependable outlook to your slimming regime and also a focus on obtaining an exercise program. The objective is to burn off excessive fat from your body and replace it with lean and healthy muscle.things to do to lose weight

Your weight reduction program will require your dedication and constant attention, so you need to prepare your mental outlook as well as get a check up for your body. Your weight loss program in a week will depend on your attitude.

When you are starting any weight loss program, you should have a positive outlook and look forward to perfecting your results. Many people get impatient and this leads to failure but to ensure success you must stick to your guns with your goal in sight to win.

Prior to commencing any exercise you should stretch out your muscles and tendons to avoid some of the soreness. You will be sore the first time you work out but that soon passes and the best relief for the soreness is to get back in the saddle and do some more.

Always take it easy first time too and don’t train too hard. It all should be done in moderation and to a level where you feel comfortable.
The 1st Week

On the first day of your new lifestyle, try to take a long walk early in the morning for around 30 minutes. Move along at a steady pace so you can feel a slight strain in your legs and back.

Get some yoga CDs or a book and learn some simple stretches. Or if you are a martial arts fan, some karate stretches would be ideal and wouldn’t take as long as a yoga routine. So, within the first hour of your new fitness routine you have taken a couple of essential steps.

On the next day you should pay attention to your upper body. The section is always a favorite with most bodybuilders and anyone who uses a gym on a regular basis. The main exercise is bench presses or if you haven’t joined a gym yet you can do some push-ups on the arms of a lazy chair, or the seat of a small chair.

A brisk walk again on the third day for around 15-20 minutes and in the evening the lower body should be exercised. This will include some sit-ups and crouches holding the seat of a small chair—do 20 to 50 of these until your thighs start to burn a little.

The fourth day is a day of rest after a good stretch. This gap in your training might be useful if you include some meditation to clear your mind of any negative emotions.

Take a ten minute brisk walk on the fifth day and then more exercises on the lower body, followed by some more stretches.

The exercises on the sixth day should be low key like swimming or tennis. Don’t be afraid to try a new exercise to avoid getting bored. Finish the day with some upper body movements and a little stretching.

On the last day of the week try a little of each of the activities you have already been doing. Take a walk and then do some stretching followed by meditation.

You are now passed the beginning and if you accompany these activities with your weight loss program you will soon have the body you have always dreamed of.

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